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Currently under construction, the Orphans Village will mainstream orphans, widows, the disabled and elderly communities without proper care and attention in the Ekklesia Oromia Bojjii Elderly and Orphan Village, located in Western Oromia at Billa Town. Based on its short term goals, the Village aims to provide care, support and protection for 50 orphans & street children. This home will have three caretakers, one teacher, one vocational instructor, two cooks, an attendant and watchman. A doctor will conduct a health check-up and other necessary procedures to ensure health and safety of the kids.  All the recipients will be provided with nutritious food three times a day, a set of books for classes and two sets of uniforms as regular dresses for school. Every child will have the opportunity for indoor and out-door recreation and play facilities along with training in crafts and hobbies.

The long-term vision of Ekklesia Oromia is to create a self-sustaining community that will continue to maintain the services of the Village and expand to reach more vulnerable populations in Oromia. To further facilitate this endeavor, the center will have an exhibition and a historical museum, a women’s craft and weaving center and a community garden for youth to grow and sell crops. There will also be a room to accommodate weddings and special events as well as a guest house for visitors. As the community will take complete ownership of the management of the village center, all the proceeds generated will go directly to support orphans, the disabled, widows and the elderly in the area.

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